THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION: ARE YOU LOOKING FOR US? Because we might be looking for you!

Let’s face it. In today’s world, finding a great job that you love is harder than finding a great date. After all, you have these mad skills and incredible talent, right? RIGHT!

The issue is that it takes an outstanding company to recognize and deploy your skills with daily challenges to grow and prove yourself. Are you up for the challenge?


KnownHost is a high-end shared, VPS, hybrid, and dedicated web hosting company in Birmingham, AL that prides itself on providing extraordinary customer service and support to its growing customer base.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO YOU? Well, if you work at KnownHost, you are OUR face in the web hosting crowd. Your superpower is the ability to find the answer for our clients. And…if you want to come to work in a costume, all the better!

IS THIS YOU? You are enthusiastic, friendly person who morphs into a knowledgeable ninja with a deep desire to join our expanding team. You know that customer service is our most important goal and our team is our most valuable asset.

DOES IT SOUND SIMPLE? We make this a great place to work so you want to come to work! It is not so difficult.

AND WHO ARE WE? KnownHost is headquartered in Birmingham, AL. This is the first test! Do you currently live or want to relocate to Alabama? If said YES, you are ready to move on the next level. This is important because If you are the right person, then we might be willing to move you to Alabama to join our team.

Still with us? Keep reading…

KnownHost is a really chill place to grow your career among the best group of qualified professionals in the hosting industry. We reward you for growth by providing employee training along with select sanctioned (but totally off the record) events to build you up as an employee and a person.

Like any good crime fighting duo, we play the sidekick to your cape crusading as you go out to save the world from bad hosting every single day.

BE HONEST…was that too dramatic?

We are passionate and committed to our purpose of providing top notch web hosting services. KnownHost is a large company with a small startup atmosphere. We hate red tape and empty promises, so we clear the way for our employees to be a productive asset to their team.

In short, you will be valued and needed in your position with your KnownHost team. We will expect personal and professional accountability because we will be transparent in our responsibility to you as an employee.

LET’S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS. If you are here, then you probably skimmed down or you are still interested in a career at KnownHost. So, let’s talk about how you get hired. We believe KnownHost is an amazing place to work, so we want to fill our teams with incredible people. To accomplish this goal, here is what you should expect from us:

Interviews, including an in-depth skills interview (technical or otherwise job related).

A short project or task to help us understand your abilities (for some positions).

A background check and drug test after an offer is made.

A 90-day trial period.

For non-support positions, three weeks of working in our customer service department to get a better understanding of our customers, products and services, and culture.

If it sounds like we go through a lot before hiring you, we really do because we want to KNOW you are the right person to join our team. Communication is very important to us, so we will try not to leave you hanging during the employment process. We are open to hearing from you too because an interview process goes both ways.

WHY IS KNOWNHOST THE RIGHT FIT FOR YOU? This is the real question because a puzzle missing one piece is not a complete picture. We sounded very Zen mater there, right?

But, it is true…we are seeking extraordinary people in a world of mediocrity. If you are that one missing piece of our puzzle, then you live and breathe web hosting. To attract and retain top level talent, we are prepared to treat you like a VIP. Here is how we let you know that you are valued on our red carpet:
  • Competitive pay
  • Comprehensive health, dental, and vision insurance plans
  • Flexible scheduling, including up to 20 days of paid time off.
  • Frequent catered lunches
  • Filtered water machines
  • Royal Cup coffee and teas
  • Slushies (who does that? KnownHost!)
  • A variety of other perks and benefits, including free web hosting, company paid outings, and more.

All our positions are full-time employment, so we expect KnownHost to be your only hosting related job. All you should do is know your field from every position, pass the background/drug test, and let us do the rest!

If you are the person we have been waiting for all our lives, then apply today and let us get to know you!

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